Ed Buckingham is a truly inspirational and a motivational man.  Working for the Royal Mail for 28 years, an adventurer and author from his native origin of Cornwall.  Coming from a background of hill and coastal walkers Ed has through sheer hard work and determination turned himself into a world class athlete.  At the culmination of his quest, he emerges as a capable climber, fit and strong, competing in triathlons running full and ultra marathons, climbing mountains and delivering the post.

Adventurer                                                                                                               Speech Topics

The majority of us can watch an episode of the Wish You                                  *  Personal Resilience

Were Here program without it having that much effect on us.                             *  Remaining Positive

But that trip to Kilimanjaro was to have a life changing                                       *  The Unknown

effect on Ed.  The draw of Kilimanjaro and the high                                            *  Achieve Against The Odds

mountains of the world would change his life forever.                                         *  Inspirational To Others

There have been setbacks along the way nearly costing                             “Ed was kind enough to be the guest

his life from a fall on Cho Oyu, the sixth highest mountain                            speaker at the Tamar Business

in the world.  Drawn to the high places, Ed embarked on a                          Network breakfast.  Not only did he share

journey that would take him to the highest mountain on each                       his remarkable endeavours in climbing

of the 7 Continents.  It actually involved ten summits.  Besides                     he also spoke about the huge setbacks

Cho Oyu Ed climbed Mont Blanc in Western Europe, the Eiger                     he has faced along the way.

and Matterhorn in Switzerland and the far remote Papua New                       Ed has a freshness which allows him as

Guinea summit of Carstenz Pyramid in Australasia.                                        a speaker to be unique, spontaneous

Notable Qualifications and Accomplishments                                             and memorable – thanks Ed

Ed was the first and only Cornishman to climb Everest from                             Julie Mazzoni, Quickstore

Tibet in 2011.

Awarded the Cornish Gorsedh for Exceptional Endeavour in

2013 in recognition of raising the Cornish St Piran’s flag on Everest.

Ed is the Author of the book titled 7 Summits published in

January 2016.

What Value do I Bring?

An inspirational and motivational person to those seeking a

dream or wanting to do something that you may have thought

impossible.  Anything is possible even with a limited fund or

skill level.  Explore all avenues to seek that possibility.  Do

not live a life of regrets.  If the time is right for you, go for it.

People should be praised for having the drive, desire,

determination, personality and the enthusiasm.  There is no

guide book to life.

For more information on Ed or book him please email edwardbuckingham895@msn.com or visit www.onecornishman.com or www.facebook.com/Onecornishman