Speaking at The Treasury penned in a corner on a table in front of 80 expectant women.  Some would be intimidated to be followed up by an interview with questions by Alexis Bowater.  This is what a few said…

“I heard Ed Buckingham speak recently at the Plymouth Women in Business Networking event.  The story of his adventures to complete the 7 Summit Challenge was awe inspiring and proof that dedication, passion and self belief is all you need to accomplish your dream.  Brilliant!”

Tess Stuber:  Director of Beach Schools SW and Partner at Energy and Power Tech Services Plymouth

“It was fantastic to hear you speak at the Plymouth Women in Business Networking event.  Your story is of course hugely inspiring for all the obvious reasons, but for me I found your ability to say no when appropriate the most powerful message of all.  In life I am always one to push forward and not always for the best reasons.  I really took a moment when listening to you speak to sit back and think.  In fact that alone was a blessing.  Taking a moment out during the chaos of life was a refreshing moment of reflection. Thankyou.”

Leila Nottage:  Director of Marketing at the Duke of Cornwall Hotel Plymouth

“Yesterday we had the privilege of hearing from Ed Buckingham as he shared his story with 80 ladies from the Plymouth Women in Business Network.

What a powerful and inspiring message.  Ed has an unassuming manner and a great sense of humour.  He had the room captivated with his story.  The questions afterwards came thick and fast as we all wanted to keep hearing more and to understand how the power of the mind can drive you to achieve incredible things.

Could have listened all day.  In the absence of that I have bought the book and can’t wait to get reading it.

If you get a chance to hear Ed speak, grab it.  His story will inspire you.”

Clare Geraghty:  Premier Market Development Manager Barclays UK

“Edward has an extraordinary and epic story to tell which touches everyone who hears it.  Few people on this planet have summited the seven summits and we all have something to learn from his grit, determination, clear decision-making and vision.”

Alexis Bowater:  Director of Bowater Communications.co.uk